Real Mt. Sinai

The **real** Mt. SINAI
has been found!!!

This discovery was made by the late

Ron Wyatt in 1984!!

In 1998-1999 approximately 40 MILLION PEOPLE saw this material on Dateline NBC, Larry King LiveThe 700 Club, and it was reviewed in NEWSWEEK — and this material was shown AGAIN on Dateline NBC on November 13, 2000 and it was on PAX TV’s “Encounters with the Unexplained” on November 9, 2001!
MAHONEY MEDIA has made a series of documentary films dealing with this material — go to !
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Where is the real Mt. Sinai located?  Galatians 4:25 says, “Mount Sinai in Arabia”!

As you can see on the Red Sea Crossing Site page of this website, Ron Wyatt found coral-covered chariot parts in the Gulf of Aqaba — which had to mean that Mt. Sinai was in Saudi Arabia!  The above map shows where the crossing site is, and it shows the location of a mountain known as Jebel el Lawz.
The Bible says that “The Lord descended upon it in fire” and “Mt. Sinai was altogether on a smoke”!  (Exodus 19:18) —  Mt. Sinai “melted”!  (Judges 5:5) —  It “burned with fire,” “unto blackness”!  (Hebrews 12:18)
Everything that the Bible mentions being at Mt. Sinai IS THERE AT JEBEL EL LAWZ!  The Golden Calf Altar is there, the giant Rock at Horeb is there, remains of the 12 pillars are there, Elijah’s Cave, EVERYTHING!
The Fences & Guard Shack, etc.:
ABOVE:  The Saudis have posted warning signs saying that this area is an archaeological area, and they have put up fences and a guard shack — all of which was done after Ron Wyatt was there in 1985.
The Golden Calf Altar:
ABOVE:  The Golden Calf Altar (with the fence the Saudis put around it after Ron Wyatt showed it to them in 1985) —  BELOW:  There are several Egyptian-style petroglyphs of cows and bulls on those altar rocks —  this is how we can identify this group of rocks as the Golden Calf Altar!
The Rock at Horeb:
Above:  These are the “familiar views” of the huge 5-story tall split boulder that is located on the back side of Jebel el Lawz that we have identified as being the Rock at Horeb, the rock that the water flowed out of at Rephidim — but take a look at the photo below!  This is a very DIFFERENT view, from the OTHER SIDE of the Rock at Horeb, and I include it because it shows exactly how “huge” this boulder really is!  If you look very closely you can see a person standing there in the picture!
Again, EVERYTHING that is mentioned in the Bible as being at Mt. Sinai HAS BEEN LOCATED HERE AT THE JEBEL EL LAWZ SITE!  It is truly an awesome thing to finally be able to see the real Mt. Sinai, the place where God spoke and wrote His Ten Commandment law with His very own hands!
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The very 1st book that featured the discovery of Jebel el Lawz was published in 1991:
Ron Wyatt published his material in his Newsletter #6 in 1994, and then Ron released his EXODUS video in 1998:
The 2nd book was published in 1998:
 ABOVE:  The Gold of Exodus by Howard Blum was published in 1998 by Simon & Shuster — The book was reviewed in the February 23, 1998 issue of NEWSWEEK wherein Hershel Shanks, the editor of Biblical Archaeology Review magazine was quoted as saying, “Jebel el Lawz is the most likely site for Mount Sinai”!   VANITY FAIR magazine also printed an excerpt from The Gold of Exodus book.
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The January/February 1999 issue of ZION’S FIRE magazine printed an endorsement of the Jebel el Lawz discovery:
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The 3rd book was published in 2000:
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Dateline NBC
This discovery was shown again on Dateline NBC on November 13, 2000 — and I feel that it is safe to say that there is a good chance that at least 40 MILLLION PEOPLE HAVE NOW SEEN THIS DISCOVERY!
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The 4th book was published in Sweden in 2000 by Dr. Lennart Moller:
“The Exodus Revealed” video was released in 2001 by the Campus Crusade for Christ organization:
This video features the work of Viveka Ponten and Dr. Lennart Moller, a Swedish genetic scientist who works at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm — both of whom have spent extensive time verifying Ron Wyatt’s discoveries and are in 100% agreement with the late Ron Wyatt.
Mt. SINAI shown on PAX TV:
On November 9, 2001 the PAX TV Network program “Encounters with the Unexplained ” hosted by the late Jerry Orbach presented RON WYATT’s Mt. Sinai material once again on national TV!
The late Ron Wyatt found the real Mt. Sinai in 1984, and this discovery has been shown on national TV and in the news media to millions of people!!
LATEST UPDATE:  Mahoney Media has spent the past 12 years and $2 million putting together a 2-hour EXODUS documentary film that is about to be released!  Go to  to read about it!
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