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Hello, my name is Jim Pinkoski….


In 1993 I drew the Ark of the Covenant for RON WYATT…

At the very same time that Ron was finding the Ark of the Covenant in 1981/1982, I was working as a bank teller and GOD impressed me with the solution to America’s banking system…

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UPDATE November 2019:

I have a letter on the Letters Page of Ahoy’s SECOND COMING #5 comic — wherein I invite all of their readers to come to my website and read about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries and see my own SECOND COMING book that I did back in 1999… (click on the “Amazing Facts” side link) —–>


I am a Christian artist/cartoonist, and I have worked for many years on 3 important ministries:

#1)  My ART

I have done 7 major books for www.AmazingFacts.org — over the past 30 years they have sold a half million copies.

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#2)  My work for the late RON WYATT 

I met RON WYATT in 1989 and I spent 10 years working with him, which included managing Ron Wyatt’s 1st museum in 1994-1996 — and since Ron’s passing in 1999 I have continued working with his extremely important biblical discoveries.
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Read about it at:  www.TheBankingSolution.com


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My Books/Magazines For Sale

Below are the 15 books that I have available for purchase — if you are interested in getting any or all of them, write me and ask about them — Most are only $5, and my 300-page ART OF JP book is $15 — all copies autographed!