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A Biography of Jim Pinkoski cont’d . . .

My late “ex” brother-in-law in Berkeley

ABOVE:  This is my 1969 photo of my “ex” brother-in-law, Dave Carpender — (he and my sister were together for 13 years) — Dave was one of the best lead guitarists in Berkeley, and in the early 1980s he did 6 albums with THE GREG KIHN BAND.  They had some big hit songs like “Jeopardy” and made some music videos — and then the stress became too much for him, and he quit the band.  When I saw all the hassles he had to go through, I was GLAD I never tried to become a professional drummer!

SAD NEWS:  Dave passed away on September 26, 2007 of a blood vessel anurism at the age of 56. 

The Who

I saw The Who 4 or 5 times, and I did this pencil illustration of Peter Townsend back in 1981 — in fact, I was there in the audience in 1974 when their drummer Keith Moon passed out and they asked for a drummer come up from the audience to play a few songs with them!   Nope, I wasn’t close enough to get there first, so another fellow got to play drums with The Who — but I was right there in the audience that night, and I’ve seen this event shown in documentaries about the band.

My Art

“The Artist” in 1980 /// at Ketchum Advertising in San Francisco in 1985 ///  in D.C. in 1986

BELOW: My art & drum room in 1976 (as I was working on a book I would put the pages up on the wall there on the left to see how things were progressing — notice the “earthrise” moon photo on the door and the Stanley Kubrick 2001 movie poster) . . .

BELOW:  Me and a couple other friends painted these figures of Superman and Spiderman and Mickey Mouse and Mr. Spock on the front of our comic shop in San Jose, California back in 1975.

I was the manager of this comic shop for 2 years (1975-1976).

BELOW:  In 1982 I drew the record cover for a friend’s single . . .

BELOW:  I did 10-12 rock and roll posters during these years, the most “famous” one being this Grateful Dead poster for the UC Davis campus in 1982 — years later I saw it in print in a $25 hardcover book of rock posters, which was a complete surprise.

BELOW:  A cover I did for MFG #43 in 1972 featuring JEFF HAWKE, one of my favorite SF strips from England….


 *HA!*  Having some fun!

One day back in 1986 a friend of mine and I both decided that we would shave off our beards — so for the fun of it WE ONLY SHAVED OFF HALF!    We spent the the day walking around town doing various things and looking like a couple of “really strange guys” — we had some laughs, took some photos to remember our foolishness, and then we finished shaving off the 2nd half of our beards that night.  BELOW:  A 1975 photo of me and my cat “Moose”… no beard …

New Year’s Eve 2000 with my wife Sandra !

BIO continued in Part 4 . . .

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