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Christ’s Blood is ON THE MERCY SEAT !!!

Back in 1992 when Ron and Mary Nell began publishing their Discovered! newsletter, it was my job to design a logo for their newsletter.  When it came time to write up Ron’s AofC material in Issue #4, I had to add the crucifixion scene and the AofC onto the center section of the logo, so I had to redesign the entire layout of the logo.  As pictured in the above artwork, the center section of the logo featured Jesus on the cross and His blood falling down onto the Mercy Seat.

For this illustration to be “balanced” I had to place Jesus and the cross directly above the Ark of the Covenant, but this caused a “minor problem.”   Ron says that the Ark of the Covenant has Christ’s blood on the LEFT side of the Mercy Seat, not the right side (as viewed in my logo) — unfortunately, when I drew the logo, there was no way to “center” Jesus above the Ark and have the blood fall from Jesus’ LEFT side over onto the other side of the Mercy Seat.   I pointed out this problem to Ron, but he said, “That’s OK — it’s fine, leave it like it is.”  I didn’t want to give people the wrong impression, but we knew that all of our other illustrations of the Ark would show the blood over on the proper side of the Mercy Seat.

In my COLOR illustration I put the blood on the proper side!

                                                                   (This side)

Why would Christ’s blood belong on that side of the Mercy Seat?

The answer is simple — the Ark of the Covenant represents the THRONE OF GOD, and the Bible tells us that Jesus has gone to heaven to take his place “at the right hand of God.”   If both God the Father and Jesus were seated on this throne and they were facing towards us, then Jesus would be on the LEFT side, and God the Father would be on the RIGHT side (as we are facing the throne) — Jesus would be seated  “on the right hand of  God”!

*   *   *

Ron Wyatt’s discoveries have been very well received in a number of prisons around the country. One of our friends down in a Florida prison did this wood carving of the Ark of the Covenant and sent it to Ron as a gift of appreciation.

This is my 1994 photo of Ron holding the cross hole plug stone that was found on the AofC dig.

What Happens Next ?

Ron found the Ark of the Covenant in 1982 — and when we opened up the Gatlinburg museum in 1994, Ron sincerely felt that the Ark of the Covenant dig would be finished “very soon”!  Ron was waiting for certain specific events to take place in the world that would signify that it was the proper time to reveal the Ark — because, as all of us knew, the Ark of the Covenant will be shown to mankind ONLY when God says “It’s time!”

Ron Wyatt wanted to be the one to complete this work and bring out the Ten Commandment stones and place them on display for the entire world to see — but Ron died on August 4, 1999 — and now that great honor will go to someone else.  We have no idea “who” will be the person that God will choose to do this wonderful thing, but we DO know that it will be someone who understands Ron’s work and agrees with Ron’s interpretation of God’s purpose for revealing the Ark.

And, to be completely honest, Yes, I have wondered if “I” might be there when this awesome event final DOES take place — might it be “me” that brings out the stones?  I don’t know, I really don’t know.  All I know is that it has been a great privilege to be the person who drew the Ark of the Covenant for Ron Wyatt.  Praise the Lord!  When all of this is over, and the redeemed get a chance to mingle and talk among themselves in heaven, I will be very interested in talking with Bezaleel — the man who listened to Moses’ instructions and constructed the Ark!

The Blood of Jesus — 24 Chromosomes!

As explained on my flyer that was handed out at our museum, Ron said that he found Jesus’ blood on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant — and Ron’s private tests of that blood sample showed that Jesus’ blood had a total of only 24 chromosomes(23 chromosomes came from Mary, and only one “Y” chromosome was provided by God)!  Many people have “demanded” to be shown the blood sample, but for many years Ron told people that they would have to WAIT to see the blood — but for the very first time, on February 3, 2000, Mary Nell Wyatt and Richard Rives decided to post an actually video clip of the BLOOD SAMPLE on the official W.A.R. website!  Finally, we can see Ron Wyatt’s blood sample!  To view it, go to:

(The last time I checked this link, the W.A.R. webpage had been redesigned and this link went to their main index page instead of going to the blood sample page — I shall look into fixing this link.)

This is a 1993 photo of my wife Sandra and myself in the combination “kitchen/office area” of Ron and Mary Nell’s old duplex in Nashville.  This was the table that I sat at while doing my original pencil drawing the Ark of the Covenant for Ron, while Ron and Mary Nell posed for me showing how the Cherubim stood on the two sides of the Ark of the Covenant.

My 1st Pencil Sketch of the Ark

Above:  These are the pencil sketches of the Ark of the Covenant that I did at Ron’s house.  Ron himself drew the crown molding sketch on the left side of the paper — and in the upper right corner is my sketch of how Ron and Mary Nell stood at the table.  After I did the ink drawing and showed it to him, Ron pointed out that the lower part of the Cherubim bodies was too wide, too large, so I did an overlay and made the Cherubim smaller.

*   *   *

The People’s Bible Encyclopedia, 1913 edition

Above:  This illustration was on page 1074 of The People’s Bible Encyclopedia, and they wrote:  “Upon the lid, or Mercy Seat, or at the ends of the Ark, as in the Temple, were placed the Cherubim, probably figures beaten out of gold as was the candlestick.  In shape they were probably human, with the exception of their wings, though some authorities think they were of the same complex form as the Cherubim mentioned in Ezekiel 1:5-14.  They were no doubt the normal or full height of a man, and are always spoken of as maintaining an UPRIGHT POSITION (2 Chronicles 3:13).  They stood facing each other, looking down upon the Mercy Seat, their wings forward in a brooding attitude.”

The People’s Bible Encyclopedia is using 2 Chronicles 3:13 to describe that the Cherubim of the Ark may have been “standing” — 2 Chronicles 3:13 is actually describing the Cherubim that were on the walls of the cube-shaped chamber known as the Most Holy Place, and the Bible tells us that these Cherubim “STOOD ON THEIR FEET” — so it is entirely possible to believe that the Cherubim on the sides of the Ark might also be in the STANDING position!  Accordingly, it seems that it is not “manditory” for the Cherubim to be kneeling.

Reverent “STANDING” Cherubim — just as Ron Wyatt said!

Here is another piece of old artwork that once again shows the Cherubim standing on the *sides* of the Ark — so this is not a strange or “new” idea!

*   *   *

An Unpublished Pencil Sketch

Above:  I did this pencil sketch in my journal book in 1993 approximately 2 months after drawing the Ark for Ron — Ron had described to me that when he first entered the cave there was only about 18 inches of space in the cave between the ceiling and all the stones, so it was very difficult to crawl around in the cave.  He told me how he used a flashlight and saw the stone case that contained the Ark against the far side of the cave — the lid was broken and moved aside — and the crack was in the ceiling of the cave right above the stone case.  Please note:  The stone lid was closer to the ceiling than is indicated in my sketch, because Ron could not see down into the case — that is why he had to drill a hole in the case to verify that the Ark was actually inside the stone case.  If this sketch was ever to be done as a finished drawing, I would have “lowered the ceiling” above the stone case.

*   *   *

My 1995 Letter to Drew Struzan . . .

ABOVE:  A 1992 photo of me and Sandra in front of DREW STRUZAN’S 10-year anniversary poster for INDIANA JONES AND THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARKDrew Struzan is a superb artist and he has done nearly all the STAR WARS book covers and movie posters, plus the INDIANA JONES book covers and posters — back in 1995 I sent Drew a package of Ron Wyatt’s materials, but Drew decided to return them.  It seems that Drew is a Jehovah’s Witness, and he just did not wish to “listen” to what we had to offer.  I had sincerely hoped that Drew might have shared the discoveries with Steven Spielberg and George Lucus — but it did not happen.  The latest news I’ve heard from a friend in Hollywood is that Drew is now a “non-practicing” Jehovah’s Witness — and I still hope that someday Drew and I will be able to sit down together and have a serious talk about the discovery of the REAL Ark of the Covenant and Ron Wyatt’s other very important discoveries!

The Jerusalem Report magazine

The September 8, 2003 issue of THE JERUSALEM REPORT magazine contained a 4-page article about Ron Wyatt’s work and a 3-week dig that took place in Zedekiah’s Cave — the article did a pretty good in-depth report of W.A.R.’s work, but chose to mainly criticise Ron’s work — but this was to be expected.

  Below:  THE JERUSALEM REPORT article printed my drawing of the Ark of the Covenant next to the photo of Ron — I consider this to be a great honor, and whether or not the people in Israel understand it or appreciate it, we have at least shown them the truth as we believe it to be.

*    *   *

The Story of my Second Full-Color Drawing of the Ark of the Covenant

As I mentioned earlier on this webpage, back in 1993 I did a total of two full-color renderings of the Ark of the Covenant for Ron — the first he used in his presentations, and the second one was given to Ellsworth McKee of McKee Bakeries (they make the “Little Debbie” snack cakes).  Mr. McKee had helped Ron with his work on Noah’s Ark by providing a metal detector, and Ron wanted to show his appreciation so Ron gave Mr. McKee my second drawing of the AofC.  Nine years later a rather amazing thing happened —

On May 26, 2004 Mr. McKee  returned my 2nd AofC drawing to me!!

Above:  Dean Scott on the left, me in the middle, and Mr. McKee.

UPDATE 2006/2007

During the month of August 2006 my wife Sandra went over on the 3-week W.A.R. dig in the Garden Tomb area of Jerusalem — I have posted some of her pictures on the “Sandra’s Page” link on this website!

The Wyatt Organization attempted to find the cave where the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in an attempt to verify Ron Wyatt’s claims that he found the AofC — but they failed — GOD did not let them get into the cave on any of their several recent digs, and this is exactly what several of Ron’s co-workers and supporters felt would happen (or should I say “not happen”) — because Ron clearly taught that the AofC and the Ten Commandments will only be shown to the world IN GOD’S TIMING, and it is just not yet the right time for this to happen.  So the cave remains unfound.  And we wait for the proper time to get into the cave and show the AofC to the world!

The failure of W.A.R. in 2004-2006 to find the cave in no way negates our belief that Ron Wyatt really *DID* find the AofC, because GOD is in control of this very important discovery.  We firmly believe that it will all happen when it’s supposed to happen.

Please read “A Serious Message: Matthew 23:1-3”

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