Coming Soon:  GOD’s Major Wake-Up Call


When will this happen?  Probably within a year!

This was prophesied in 1904-05…..

Where and why will this happen?

The PARTHENON in Nashville ……….. ala Athens, Greece

GOD does not approve of “pagan gods” (read the 1st Commandment), but NASHVILLE went ahead anyway and built their own version of Athens’ pagan Parthenon with a 42-foot golden statue of the goddess Athena inside it….

NASHVILLE’s Parthenon will soon be hit by an immense ball of fire and destroyed (within a year or so), and various “large houses” and “beautiful mansions” in that area will also be destroyed.

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Plea-by-Fire-A-Warning-for-Nashville – Judgment Hour

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In 1904-05 Ellen G. White was given a series of dreams/visions of the city of NASHVILLE being hit by “an immense ball of fire” from GOD!

The Plea-by-Fire video fully explains Ellen White’s visions about Nashville!!!

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The 2nd reason why NASHVILLE will be hit by fire from GOD:

A man named Ron Wyatt lived in NASHVILLE, and from 1977-1999 he made over 100 trips overseas working on several very important discoveries…

Did NASHVILLE pay attention to him?  Not really….

Ron Wyatt’s discovery of SODOM & GOMORRAH (cities hit by fire from GOD!) was front page news in the January 12th, 1993 Nashville Banner….


NASHVILLE resident Ron Wyatt was used of GOD to find the ashen remains of Sodom & Gomorrah, cities that were burned with fire and brimstone

Yet even after we set up a museum in downtown NASHVILLE… 99% of the people in NASHVILLE still chose to **ignore** Ron!!!

(Aerial scenes of Ron Wyatt’s Gomorrah site are shown at 6:40 minutes in on the Plea-by-Fire Video that you need to watch.)

In 1992 Ron had me do a magazine about the discovery:

…and 99% of NASHVILLE also **ignored** my magazine…

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Ron Wyatt was also on the cover of the November 1991 NASHVILLE Magazine when they did a story of his work on Noah’s Ark

… RON SHOULD HAVE ALSO BEEN ON THE COVER OF *TIME* MAGAZINE, but because 99% of the people in Nashville basically chose to IGNORE HIM, it never happened

The city of NASHVILLE had several years to learn about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries, and study what Ron believed in regarding the doctrines of the Bible —



And now the world will see what the consequences are if we chose to close our eyes to the special things that GOD has chosen to share with us — IGNORE GOD AND HE WILL PUNISH THOSE WHO MOCK AND/OR REJECT HIM!

 After NASHVILLE is hit with fire and brimstone, it’s going to happen to more cities — because people in this country need to repent and pay attention to the things GOD requires us to learn!

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Ron Wyatt’s Other Discoveries

The Real Mt. SINAI and the Red Sea Crossing

Over the years these discoveries have repeatedly been shown in the media, most recently via Tim Mahoney’s documentary films!  But they are still being IGNORED by most people….

The Ark of the Covenant

Ron Wyatt said that he found the Ark of the Covenant on January 6th, 1982 — in a cave in Jerusalem — which is exactly where Ellen G. White said that it was hidden!

In 1993 Ron Wyatt had me draw the Ark of the Covenant….

At the same time that Ron Wyatt was discovering the Ark of the Covenant in 1981-82, I was working at a bank in California and was impressed with a solution to the banking system!  BOTH THESE THINGS HAPPENED AT THE SAME TIME!!! 

Ron Wyatt’s discoveries and my Banking Solution were intended to be blessings from GOD — but people have been **IGNORING** them… so GOD has decided to do drastic things to get people to pay attention.


Watch the video on this website!!!

Plea-by-Fire-A-Warning-for-Nashville – Judgment Hour

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The INDIANA JONES Connection

The 1st INDIANA JONES movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, came out in 1981 — at the very same time that Ron Wyatt was finding the Ark of the Covenant!

The 5th INDIANA JONES movie, The Dial of Destiny, came out in June 2023and included the Indiana Jones character going to the Parthenon and seeing the statue of Athena in a cave!!!

Sometime very soon, the Parthenon in Nashville with its statue of Athena is going to be hit by a fireball from GOD, and “it just so happened” that the Parthenon was included in the final INDIANA JONES movie….

I think it’s time that I talk with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

We need to discuss the **REAL** Ark of the Covenant!

*(NOTE to Steven Spielberg & George Lucas:  I have already discussed this with Howard Kazanjian, feel free to contact him — he has known about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries since 2006 — hopefully he can help convince you folks to talk with me — LET’S TALK, GUYS!!!)

Jim Pinkoski