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Tim Mahoney’s million-dollar documentary film Mt. SINAI Part II came out in May 2023 — To order a copy of the DVD, go to: www.PatternsOfEvidence.com

This one features Ron Wyatt’s Mt. SINAI discovery!!!

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While the Cornavirus has prevented me from going to the GC and meeting with the people there in person, I have notified many SDA people around the world for them to read this webpage — please share this material with everyone — all SDAs need to see this!

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The GC in Silver Spring, Maryland

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A Seventh-day Adventist discovered Noah’s Arkbut the GC ignores it.

A Seventh-day Adventist discovered Sodom & Gomorrahbut the GC ignores it.

A Seventh-day Adventist discovered the Red Sea Crossingbut the GC ignores it.

A Seventh-day Adventist discovered the *real* Mt. Sinaibut the GC ignores it.

A Seventh-day Adventist discovered Joseph’s Grain Binsbut the GC ignores it.

This Seventh-day Adventist very probably discovered the Ark of the Covenantbut the GC ignores it.

  *   *   *

This appalling behavior has gone on long enough, and it is time for the GC to be held accountable for their actions and their poor spiritual discernment — and now every Adventist around the world needs to be aware of all of this!

I am assuming that there are many people at the GC who are totally unaware of what has transpired there at the GC in regard to this material — unfortunately, all it took was 2 or 3 people at the GC to block it — and many there may have no idea what was happening.

But now EVERYONE is going to hear about it.

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These discoveries were made by the Seventh-day Adventist Ron Wyatt — and I, Jim Pinkoski, worked with Ron Wyatt for the last 10 years of his life.  Ron died in 1999, and I met him in 1989 — I assisted Ron with his publishing of his materials, and in 1994-1996 I managed Ron’s 1st Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (which is no longer open) — I wrote and illustrated 2 magazines for Ron, I did illustrations for his Newsletters and videos — and in 1993 I drew the Ark of the Covenant as Ron described it to me.

Ron Wyatt made around 100 trips overseas over 22 years to work on his discoveries, and all of his money went into that expensive work — GOD knew Ron could not also pay for having a Museum, so the LORD arranged for us to set up a beautiful Museum totally *rent free* inside a $12 million IMAX Theater Complex!  We had 7,500 square feet of display space in our section of the complex, and over the 2 1/2 years we were there I shared Ron’s discoveries with thousands of people….

Discovery #1:

Ron Wyatt’s discovery of NOAH’S ARK

Ron Wyatt saw the pictures of the Durupinar Noah’s Ark site in the September 1960 issue of LIFE magazine — George Vandeman of IT IS WRITTEN had gone to the site, but came away uncertain because the ruins of Noah’s ancient wooden boat was long ago buried under a mud and lava flow…. this is how GOD chose to “hide” the remains of the boat so people would not totally pick it to pieces so it would not exist…..

Ron Wyatt first went to the Durupinar site in 1977, and over the next 8 years Ron did sufficient tests on the site to convince the Turks that this really WAS the ruins of Noah’s Ark, and they said that qualified Ron to be its discoverer — and in 1987-1989 the Turkish government built and opened a Visitors Center overlooking the site….

The ancient splayed boat formation is exactly 300 cubits in length — 515 feet — it was Ron Wyatt who identified that Moses would have used the longer Royal Egyptian cubit, so Noah’s Ark would not be just 450 feet like everyone expected before this.

When Ron brought all of this to the GC in the 1980’s, certain people at the GC wanted to take control of Ron’s work — they offered to give him a pastorial position, but Ron could not bow out of this work because he had established a working relationship with the people in Turkey — he had been the Guest of Honor at the ground breaking ceremony of the Visitors Center!

When the men at the GC realized they were not going to be able to take control of this Noah’s Ark site work, they were not happy…. and they realized that if they put their stamp of approval upon this site, millions of dollars of Adventist donations would be given to help Ron complete his work — millions of dollars that would *not* go to the GC…

THESE are the initial reasons why whenever anyone contacts the GC to ask what they think of Ron Wyatt and his discoveries, THE GC ALWAYS GIVES OUT A NEGATIVE REPORT ABOUT RON WYATT.

It’s was all about “money” and control….

For 30+ years the GC has been poisoning the minds of good SDA people about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries — and it’s time for that to change!

  *   *   *

One of the charges brought against Ron Wyatt was that he was just an “amateur” archaeologist…..

Sister White wrote:

“….the leaders among God’s people are to guard against the danger of condemning the methods of individual workers who are lead of by the Lord to do a special work…. God can and will use those who have not had a thorough education in the schools of men… Oh, for less of this un-called for, distrustful caution!” (9T 259)

“Let me tell you that the Lord will work in this last work in a manner very much out of the common order of things, and in a way that will be contrary to any human planning.  There will be those among us who will always want to control the work of God, to dictate even what movements shall be made when the work goes forward… God will use ways and means by which it will be seen He is taking the reins in His own hands.  The workers will be surprised by the simple means that He will use…”  (TM 300)

Ron Wyatt was a simple man and an “amateur” archaeologist — and GOD used him in a mighty way — Ron always said that it would be impossible for “just one man” to have found all these discoveries… unless GOD was making it possible!

  *   *   *

Noah’s Ark article in the Adventist REVIEW:

May 20, 1993

David Merling was tasked with writing a 2-part article for the REVIEW about Ron Wyatt’s Noah’s Art site — and it was decidedly negative — after the article appeared, I contacted Mr. Merling and asked him, “How much of Ron’s material did you read to prepare his article?”  He told me he only read Ron’s 1984 introductory 1st book about the discovery, and then he spent most of his time researching all of the critical articles by other people.  And when Ron sent him a large batch of more recent follow-up material, Mr. Merling ignored that material and returned it all un-read….

Is this how “professional” people are supposed to do their job?!?

This article was an un-fair and un-professional hatchet job keep our Adventist people from hearing anything positive about Ron Wyatt’s Noah’s Ark discovery.

While Mr. Merling told me he had nothing to do with the choice of photos in the article, here is the photo (on the LEFT) they used to show one of the anchorstones — a smashed pile of rocks:

ON THE RIGHT is a good photo of what the anchorstones/drogue stones looked like!

The editors at the REVIEW were following the party line by publishing Mr. Merling’s biased article, and their choice of pictures was made to make Ron’s claims to look and sound foolish.

Here is a shocking statement that Mr. Merling wrote in that article:

“The finding of Noah’s ark will not change anyone’s mind

about the Bible or make people become Christians.”

Oh, really???

By extension, it seems that he would say the same about GOD showing the world Sodom & Gomorrah, or the Red Sea Crossing, or Joseph’s grain bins, or the real Mt. Sinai…. in Mr. Merling’s opinion, NONE of this will ever help win souls to Jesus….

I think his attitude is spiritually pathetic….


  *   *   *

Ron kidnapped in Turkey in 1991

Ron and some co-workers were kidnapped by guerillas for 3 weeks while working on Noah’s Ark and nearly died — but no one at the GC cared… and when Ron escaped and came back and was interviewed on CNN, again no one at the GC paid attention….

When this event happened, my wife and I immediately went over to Ron’s home in Nashville and helped Ron’s wife Mary Nell get through this difficult time — but the attitude of certain people at the GC was that they just wished that Ron Wyatt would just “go away” and disappear.

  *   *   *

In 2004, five years after Ron’s passing, Ron Wyatt’s widow Mary Nell Wyatt wrote an extensive 275-page hardcover book telling the story of Ron’s work on the Durupinar Noah’s Ark site — and the people at the GC didn’t care one iota:

BELOW:  And in 2018 Vance Ferrell of Harvestime Books published his Noah’s Ark book:

*   *   *

An Up-Date from Ken Ham’s ARK ENCOUNTER organization:

In the May-June 2017 issue of their ANSWERS magazine they published an article that confirmed what Ron Wyatt had been teaching for decades:  Mt. Ararat is a volcanic mountain which proves that Noah’s Ark *NEVER* could have landed on the top of Ararat!  (Ron Wyatt’s site is on a shorter sister mountain about 12 miles south of Ararat, an area described by Sister White with a rim of protective mountains that sheltered the Ark from the violent seas)….

The bulk of criticism against Ron’s Noah’s Ark site has been that it is “only geological” — but this is how GOD chose to preserve the remains!  For a thousand years it laid out in the open, and people picked it apart until all that was left was just the basic framing — and if that framing hadn’t been washed down the mountain side and covered by a mud and lava flow, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING LEFT OF IT AT ALL!  All the buried wood became petrified and turned to stone…. which means, yes, it IS mostly a geological site!

 *   *   *

Ron Wyatt was featured on the cover of NASHVILLE Magazine, but he should have been on the cover of TIME Magazine!!!

…and the actions of the GC were partially responsible for this not happening.

 *   *   *


Sub-surface 3D scans have been completed of the site!!!

We finally have PROOF that the sub-structure is that of an ancient ruined boat!

Noah’s Ark is **NOT** anywhere else — so everybody needs to accept that this is the absolute best option for it — it’s *NOT* on Ararat, and it’s not anywhere else — the Durupinar site *IS* the remains of Noah’s Ark, whether we like it or not!


  *   *   *

Discovery #2:

Ron Wyatt’s discovery of Mt. Sinai

Ron Wyatt first went into Saudi Arabia in 1984 & 1985 to find the real Mt. Sinai (the traditional site near St. Catherine’s Monastery is NOT Mt. Sinai) — and both times his photographs were confiscated.  Imagine what it would have been like, Ron having seen the real Mt. Sinai that has been hidden by GOD from mankind for centuries, but having no pictures to show for nearly 8 years…!

Others heard about Ron’s site, and they went there and succeeded in getting out with pictures — some didn’t share their pics with Ron, and some did — so Ron finally had pictures of his Mt. Sinai discovery in 1992!  When he got them, Ron invited myself and my wife over to his home to see them — then we set up Ron’s 1st Museum in 1994…. and then in 1998 Simon & Shuster published Howard Blum’s book The Gold of Exodus….

The Mt. Sinai discovery was reviewed in NEWSWEEK and on Dateline NBC, written up in Vanity Fair magazine, and Pat Robertson did a full 30-minute segment on The 700 CLUB — Pat Robertson loved the material!


I wrote and submitted an article in August 1998 to the Adventist Review magazine about the discovery….


Just 2 or 3 people at the GC successfully BLOCKED millions of Adventists from seeing and/or discussing the merits of this awesome discovery!!!!!!!

Who was the main person responsible for rejecting my article?

William Shea

Bill Shea used to be the head of the Biblical Research Department, then left to go teach theology at Andrews for 14 years, and he is now retired.  He had been involved with the Noah’s Ark site in the 1980’s, but when the evidence wasn’t immediately forth-coming, he began to doubt… and eventually Bill Shea turned against “everything” Ron Wyatt ever claimed to have discovered.

William Shea and a few others blocked Ron’s Mt. Sinai discovery from being seen by our Adventist people.

ABOVE:  My 1994 picture of Ron in front of our Mt. Sinai display in our 1st Museum

  *   *   *

An Up-date about the Mt. Sinai discovery in 2020

Since the Adventist Church turned its back on Ron Wyatt’s discoveries, GOD has used non-SDAs to share these discoveries with the world — one of the most notable has been Michael Rood via his A ROOD AWAKENING television show (above);  and Tim Mahoney has been working on a series of million-dollar documentary films sharing the discoveries of Mt. Sinai and the EXODUS….

PatternsOfEvidence.com debuted their million dollar RED SEA Miracle Pt. 2 documentary film online on Friday July 17th, 2020 — this film was originally scheduled to be shown in theaters, but the virus has prevented it…. THIS FILM SHOWS OUR DISCOVERY OF THE RED SEA CROSSING SITE!  It was aired via the Internet at PatternsOfEvidence.com

It is available now for purchase on DVD!

 *   *   *

BELOW:  Joel Robertson has also become a strong supporter of the Mt. Sinai discovery:

BELOW:  Ryan Mauro of FOX NEWS has also visited the Mt. Sinai site and become an ardent supporter.

These non-SDAs are witnessing these things



As I write this webpage it is 2020 — I first saw the pictures of Mt. Sinai back in 1992 — 29 YEARS AGO!!  And the GC has been ignoring Ron’s discoveries for over 35 YEARS!!!!!!!!

The Biggest News Up-Date

The Saudis are planning to build a huge super-modern city called “Neom” around the entire Mt. Sinai area!  You can read about this online….

Why is this happening?  It’s because “foolish” Ron Wyatt went to the site and brought it to the attention of the whole world.

Seventh-day Adventist Ron Wyatt!

  *   *   *

Who is currently in control of the Biblical Research Department at the GC?

Elias Brasil de Souza

In 2017 I tried once again to contact the GC and impress them to pay attention to Ron Wyatt’s discoveries, and here is the e-mail that Brother de Souza wrote to me:


Feb 14, 2017
Dear Brother Pinkoski,
So far we see no reason to change our opinion about the “discoveries” of the late Ron Wyatt.  What at surface appear to be amazing discoveries are speculation without any concrete proof or evidence.

Elias Brasil de Souza,

Biblical Research Institute


“…without any concrete proof or evidence…”?!?!?

It’s comments like this that we have been hearing for decades — yet I managed Ron’s 1st Museum with TONS OF EVIDENCE and photos and documentation, but we repeatedly have had people making totally foolish statements that “we have no proof or evidence”!


Then WHY have so many other people done their books and videos about these discoveries??  How did these discoveries end up on national news programs and major Christian television shows??  Because there’s “NO EVIDENCE”?????  Did people come to my Museum and did I show them “NO EVIDENCE”?????

Dr. Lennart Moller’s book & video

Dr. Lennart Moller is a scientist in Stockholm, Sweden — in 2000 he published his EXODUS CASE book & Exodus Revealed video that supports ALL of Ron Wyatt’s discoveries — Dr. Moller rubs elbows with the people who do the Nobel Prizes — and I promise you, there is nothing but “evidence” in his 224-page hardcover book!!!

Has Brother de Souza ever read Dr. Moller’s book?

I doubt it….

Dr. Moller has printed 4 editions of his book over the past 20 years, and he is one of the people featured in Tim Mahoney’s up-coming EXODUS/RED SEA documentary film!

….Yeah, right, there’s “NO EVIDENCE” in that book or in our material….


  *   *   *

Discovery #3:

Joseph’s Grain Bins

Dr. Ben Carson and what he said about Pyramids

Dr. Ben Carson has been in the national news as the Secretary of H.U.D., and often photographed with President Trump…

He is a brilliant man — GOD has truly blessed his life and his surgical talents — but around 20 years ago he made a statement that he thinks that all of the Egyptian pyramids were made for grain storage, and this “crazy” statement hit the news a few years ago and was widely mocked…. and it deserved it…. everybody knows that the pyramids at Giza, etc., were built as tombs for pharaohs!

Unfortunately, because the GC has blocked Ron Wyatt’s discoveries from being shared with our SDA people, Dr. Carson never had the chance to hear that Ron Wyatt identified Joseph’s Grain Storage Bins back in the 1980’s!

The pyramid at Saqqara is known to be the very first pyramid built in Egypt, and it was built by “Imhotep” who was actually Joseph — and at this pyramid complex there are 11 GIANT PITS IN THE GROUND that Ron identified as the grain storage bins!

One of the 11 pits had a stairway going down to the bottom where people could go get the grain, and the other 10 pits were linked via tunnels to this pit — and the entrance to this portion of the complex was through a hallway with cubicles and pillars shaped like corn cobs where scribes would sit at desks filling out peoples’ sales receipts and take payment for grain!


The complex was built by “Imhotep,” which was Joseph’s Egyptian name — even National Geographic did an article years ago stating that “it was Imhotep who saved Egypt from 7 years of famine”…. when we know it was Joseph!

Read about this on Kevin Fisher’s website:  www.ArkDiscovery.com/joseph.htm


But the GC was not letting people see Ron Wyatt’s materials.

BELOW:  Ron Wyatt also did extensive research into how the pyramids were built — he set up one of his lift machines on the pyramid at Giza….

ABOVE:  My 1994 pic of Ron in our Museum

BELOW:  Ron also built one showing that only 4 people could lift his van!

Ron Wyatt did a lot of amazing things on his 100+ trips overseas — and the GC chose to IGNORE ALL OF THEM….


  *   *   *

Here’s the problem that the GC is facing:

The whole world is eventually going to see all of Ron Wyatt’s discoveries — people all over the world are going to see that they are awesome blessings — AND THOSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK THAT OUR ADVENTIST LEADERS ARE *NUTS* IF THEY SPEAK AGAINST THESE DISCOVERIES!


How many people are going to take Dr. Carson “seriously” when he makes totally foolish statements about pyramids??

Are people going to take us seriously when people like de Souza say that Ron Wyatt “has no evidence” WHEN HE CLEARLY DOES HAVE EVIDENCE??


  *   *   *

Discovery #4:


Back in 1992 I wrote and illustrated Ron Wyatt’s DISCOVERED: SODOM & GOMORRAH magazine, and I did illustrations for his video — there are clearly the ashen remains of huge buildings in this area near Masada, along with thousands of round sulfur balls (brimstone) embedded in the area!

It was front page news in Ron’s home town newspaper in January 1993:

Did any of the people at the GC care about it?

No, they were too busy “ignoring” and shunning and doubting Ron Wyatt!

 *   *   *

Do you remember what Sister White wrote?

GOD will never remove all doubt…  

“God does not propose to remove all occasion for unbelief.  He gives evidence, which must be carefully investigated with a humble mind and a teachable spirit….” — yet many in our leadership have chosen to IGNORE this counsel!

Something else that Ellen White wrote on page 95 of LAST DAY EVENTS:

“The LORD calls for his people to locate away from the cities, for in such an hour as ye think not, fire and brimstone will be rained down from heaven upon these cities. Proportionate to their sins will by their visitation. When one city is destroyed, let not our people regard this matter as a light affair, and think that they may, if favorable opportunity offers, build themselves homes in that same destroyed city…”

This obviously will happen BEFORE the 2nd Coming — cities destroyed with fire and brimstone — and when it happens, Ron Wyatt will have been the ONLY person who documented “brimstone” being used on Sodom & Gomorrah!

 *   *   *

Pastor Doug Batchelor

As early as 1994 Pastor Doug Batchelor of AMAZING FACTS has been showing the brimstone sulfur balls in his seminar talks about Eternal Hellfire….!

*   *   *

Good ol’ Cliff Goldstein….

Back in 1994 or 1995 I attempted to share Ron’s discoveries on the church’s CompuServe Forum — I told about the Museum, and some people were patient, some were resistive….

Cliff Goldstein, as most know, used to be a hyper-active “heckler” of street preachers in the days before he joined our church and supposedly toned down his behavior — and one day Cliff decided to make his first post on the CompuServe discussion forum about the discoveries…..

Cliff wrote:

“Ron Wyatt practices archaeology like Josef Mengele practiced Jewish medicine!”


What an outrageous thing for him to write!

I’m sure he thought it was very clever — but it was totally uncalled for!

I warned Cliff that GOD will be judging us by our “words,” and if he is going to make this type of unreasonable hyper-critical statement about Ron, don’t be surprised to see it come back to haunt you in the Judgment!

I knew Cliff — I had visited him and we had lunch in the old 10-story GC building in Takoma Park, Cliff really liked my Sabbath book I had written & illustrated — and years later I stopped in to see him again after he had written what he wrote about Ron, and I asked him why he felt that way….

Cliff told me he had the occasion of walking into the back of a hall where Ron was doing a presentation about his Sodom & Gomorrah discovery (I believe this happened at Ron’s home church, the Madison Campus Church in the Nashville area, where Ron had his membership)– Cliff listened for 5 or 10 minutes — and then decided Ron Wyatt was a fool!

That was what formed his opinion — only 5 or 10 minutes listening from the back of the hall in the middle a presentation — that is NOT doing things the way that Sister White wrote!  Cliff did NOT listen with “a humble mind and a teachable spirit,” he decided to respond to ALL of Ron’s claims negatively and revert to his heckler mindset.

Good job, Cliff.

  *   *   *

Who am I?

My name is Jim Pinkoski — I was born in 1950 — raised in a secular Presbyterian family in California — and I became an SDA in December 1984 when I was 34 years old.

As a young boy I collected comics and wanted to be a cartoonist — and when I became an SDA I dumped all my worldly projects, and instead began doing art for the LORD’s work!

My home church is in Sevierville, TN — and back in 1999 I drew this cover for our church’s weekly bulletin:

In 1985/1986 I did my 56-page Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation book and tried to get it published — the R&H rejected it (it looked too much like a dreaded “comic book”), but it ended up being test marketed by Joe Crews at AMAZING FACTS and they found out that it was the perfect book to use to witness to worldly people!

My Prophecies book was later translated into Korean….

In 1987 I did my Truth About the Sabbath book — I based it’s cover upon Harry Anderson’s wonderful painting of Jesus holding the world….

In 1989 I did my 3rd book for Amazing Facts, my Grave Errors About Death book….

My 4th book for Amazing Facts was A Creationist’s View of DINOSAURS and the Theory of Evolution, done in 1997….

My 5th book for Amazing Facts was The Second Coming, Are You Ready? which  I did in 1999 (the year Ron Wyatt died)….

In 2002 I did my 6th book for Amazing Facts, God’s Law and God’s Grace….

I used Pastor Doug Batchelor as one of the narrators in this book, as well as the next TRINITY book…

And in 2007 I did my 7th book for Amazing Facts, What About the TRINITY?….

 The LORD has blessed those books — over the past 30+ years Amazing Facts has sold around a half million copies (which were all printed at the R&H, until they closed down)!

I also did the 2-page Winning Team health comic strip for 3 years in the SDA WINNER magazine:

In 1990 I did my 72-page Mutiny on the Bounty book, the story of Pitcairn Island (which had a real nice cover painting done by John Steel)….

In 1990 I did the layouts of Jim Arrabito’s 400 pictures that went into the special edition hardcover book of The New Illustrated Great Controversy….

In 1990 I met Robert Gentry, and he asked me if I could help him publish his polonium halo material….

…I did a cover layout, but the project didn’t go any further because at the time there was no money to publish it….

*   *   *

Who is Kevin Fisher?

Kevin Fisher is my co-participant in this endeavor to approach the GC — he is a 4th generation Seventh-day Adventist, and he met Ron Wyatt in 1984 (which was 4-5 years before I met Ron in 1989) — Kevin’s website is ArkDiscovery.com — and he made his first of 15 trips over to Israel & Noah’s Ark in the year 2000….

 *   *   *

Me and the GC

I lived in Takoma Park between 1985-1989, and I even was there when the new GC was under construction…

In the year 2000 I re-visited the GC and presented President Paulson with a copy of my Sabbath book and a copy of Ron Wyatt’s Discoveries Newspaper…. but nothing came of it…..

  *   *   *

My 2002 meeting with Desmond Doss

I shared Ron Wyatt’s discoveries with Desmond Doss and he was greatly interested in them —  and, unfortunately, I had to also inform him not to waste his time contacting the GC — sadly, I had to tell him that our church has been officially “ignoring” all of Ron Wyatt’s work….

  *   *   *

My witnessing to Carl Sagan

When I lived in Takoma Park in 1987 I did freelance work drawing comic panels for Carl Sagan’s SPACEWATCH Newsletter — when Carl Sagan came to D.C. for a debate, I met him and he autographed one of my cartoons — and I gave him a copy of my new Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation book!

This happened in 1987, two years before I met Ron Wyatt, so I could not also share the discoveries with Sagan — you can read the full story about my witnessing to Carl Sagan on another page of this website.

  *   *   *



GOD’s Word says, “Woe unto them who call good evil, or evil good” — which is just what the leadership at the GC has been doing by calling Ron Wyatt’s discoveries “not good”!

 *   *   *

Jones & Waggoner

Historically, back in 1888 this church made the wrong decision when they rejected Jones & Waggoner’s “righteousness by faith” message which caused Jesus NOT to be able to return early in 1888 — AND THIS CHURCH IS IN ESSENCE DOING THE SAME THING AGAIN!!



Our church has done a great job of expanding around the world by adding one million new members each year for the past 10 years — but it should not leave “the other things undone”…..


  *   *   *

Ron Wyatt’s Most Important Discovery #5:

The Ark of the Covenant

Ellen White wrote and told us that the Ark of the Covenant was “hidden in a cave” in Jerusalem just before the 1st Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C. — and GOD was ready to let it be found back in 1888 *if* we had been ready to prepare for His Coming in 1888…

You can read about Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the Ark of the Covenant on our websites.

Ron Wyatt spent many difficult years digging in Jerusalem — and he says that on January 6th, 1982 he finally got into the cave where where he says he found the Ark of the Covenant!!

In 1993 Ron decided it was time to show people what the Ark looked like — on July 17, 1993 he asked me to come over to his home in Nashville, and Ron had me draw the Ark of the Covenant.

My first drawing was in b&w for his Newsletter #4, and then I did a larger poster-sized full color version for Ron to use at presentations…

The AofC Scenario:

When Jesus died on the cross, “the rocks were rent” — and when Jesus was stabbed in His side with a spear, His blood and water spilled onto the ground…. GOD moved that blood and water down into that crack and maybe 20 feet underground where it entered the stone case that the Ark was in…. and CHRIST’S BLOOD WENT ONTO THE MERCY SEAT OF THE ARK OF THE COVENANT!

I have been sharing this with people for 30+ years now — I wrote the flyer we handed out at the Museum — and I included the final aspect of this awesome scenario:

Ron tested that blood in 3 different labs — and he found out that it is unique — Ron was told that it only had 24 chromosomes!  Normal human blood has 46 chromosomes — 23 from each parent — but this blood only had 23 chromosomes that must have come from Mary, and a necessary “Y” sex-determinant chromosome to make Jesus a male child that had to come from GOD!

Only 24 chromosomes!!!

Scientific proof that Jesus was born of a Virgin!!!

**24 CHROMOSOMES**!!!!!!!!!

  *   *   *

Many people approached Ron when he was alive and “demanded” he show proof for this discovery — but he had to say, “No.”  — As Adventists, we know “when” the 10 Commandments and the Ark with be shown to mankind:


  *   *   *

What do I want?

I want our church to CARE about these discoveries — I want to do some meetings in the GC area at various SDA churches where I can present the details of Ron Wyatt’s discoveries — and I want to do a meeting at the GC that can be attended by all the GC employees — and I want to meet with the President of our church.

I want the Biblical Research Department to stop giving out their negative reports that condemns Ron Wyatt’s work.  When SDA pastors or members call, I want the GC to encourage meetings to be held in our thousands of churches around the world.

I want the Adventist REVIEW to be willing to publish a series of articles that honestly and openly discuss the discoveries in a positive light.

Our people blew it in 1888….

Adventists rejected Jones & Waggoner…

Will our church continue rejecting Ron Wyatt???

The time of being “overly cautious” about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries to the point of disrupting the LORD’s plan needs to change — we have a work to do to witness to the world!


  *   *   *


Part One / about Harry Anderson….

Back in 1986 I visited Harry Anderson, the Adventist artist who did 300 paintings for our church — I have collected his art for 35 years — and in 2018 I was instrumental in getting this wonderful 245-page The Art of HARRY ANDERSON book published…

See my website at:  www.HarryAndersonArt.com

 *   *   *

Part Two 

What was I doing when Ron found the Ark of the Covenant?

Ron said he found the Ark of the Covenant on January 6, 1982.

I began keeping a journal in 1980 when I was 30, so I know exactly what I was doing during 1982….

It was seven years before I would meet Ron….

And it was eleven years before I would draw the Ark of the Covenant for Ron….

While Ron Wyatt was working on his Ark of the Covenant dig, I was in Davis, California working as a bank teller for Bank of America….

….where GOD impressed me with a solution to our nation’s banking system!

Read about it at:   www.TheBankingSolution.com

Around 1/6th of Jesus’ statements in the New Testament dealt with “money” — and Jesus has seen all the pain that has been done to families throughout the centuries who suffer financial difficulties and ultimately foreclosure — so doesn’t it make sense that GOD would share a solution to the world’s economic systems just before the End of Time arrives?  Just to prove that there *IS* a solution!

GOD showed me how to stop all foreclosures, build unlimited new housing, painlessly pay off the National Debt — and do so by just evolving our current banking system one step further, and EVERY aspect of society can be benefited!

And GOD did this at the very same time that Ron Wyatt

was finding the Ark of the Covenant!!!


Now the question is this:

Do you people want to talk about it?

It’s time for ALL of these things to be discussed!!!